CIA In The News 

Mitchell was quoted in the Reuters column picked up by U.S. News titled "What a Bear Market Means for Retirement Savings."  Remember that it isn't the total return that matters at retirement as much as the sequence of returns.

Mitchell was quoted along with a couple of attorneys and therapists in the article "Sudden deaths like those of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain can devastate family finances."  Remember to plan for the expected but to be prepared for the unexpected.

In "After a devastating loss, an adviser learns to comfort grieving clients" Mitchell discusses how the loss of his 2nd son, Nicholas has effected his planning practice.


"Merrill Lynch, RBC FAs Reveal Their Game-Changing Client Moves" is an industry oriented piece talking how a bunch of large investment firms are training their clients to work with clients before the markets turn south.  The end of the piece includes a couple of advisors, including Mitchell who have been doing this work for a while. 

Reuters published Your Money: "You can do better financially by doing good."  Mitchell is featured talking about how by doing the right thing it has helped him build his business.

2018 - The Investment News had a story on investments and gun violence after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that featured Mitchell.  Gun violence hits investment strategies, sparks political debates with advisers 

2018 - The Investment News ran a piece entitled "Is ESG Investing Going Mainstream?" which CIA is mentioned towards the bottom.

2018 - WISE & Healthy Aging took out a full page ad in the Santa Monica Mirror "Saluting Our January Community Heroes!". His work with the local Rotary Club and monthly pro-bono work for W&HA was the reason they stated.

2018 - Mitchell was one of the planners featured in Financial Advisor Magazine's "Children Form Financial Behaviors By 7".

2018 - Arthur and Mitchell are proud once again to be named 2018 Los Angeles Five Star Wealth Managers.*  Please click on the link to find out more about the award.

2017 - Mitchell was one of many planners to answer a GantNews (CNN) readers question on "How Can I Balance My Finances?"

2017 - Reuters just published a story "New U.S. tax law could curb charitable donations."  Mitchell was quoted in several places about the effects on charity if the law passes.

2017 -  Time Magazine's "Stock-Market Highs Pose Vexing Questions for the Soon-to-Be Retired" mentions us along with a couple of professors from The American College of Financial Services.  (For those of you who get the hard copy, look for us on page 28 of the September 25th Issue).

2017 - Mitchell was asked to write a piece for Financial IQ on Risk Aversion.  He uses his psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania in "Learn to Play Psychologist Around Loss Aversion"

2017 - Look for us in the CNBC article "Deciding what to do with an inherited house"

2017 - CIA was honored by the mayor of Santa Monica for their Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program 10th Anniversary Celebration.

2017 - This year we were one of four local businesses featured in the Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards Introduction Video.  If you have a few extra minutes, we also got the original Directors Cut that was produced before being edited for time.

2017 - The article "Parents of the bride are still getting stuck with the majority of wedding costs" has many quotes from Mitchell regarding saving for a wedding.

2017 - CNBC had Mitchell featured in their article "Up on Trump or in the dumps, don't invest emotionally."

2017 -'s "America’s trillion-dollar wealth transfer: How to prevent a generation of entitlement" mentioned Capital Intelligence a couple of times. 

2017 - Mitchell was quoted in an article about the ESG/SRI Parnassus Fund in Bloomberg: "Stock-Picking Champ Is a Do-Gooder Who Doesn't Overdo Idealism"

2017 - Capital Intelligence Associates was the member highlight for the March 9th edition of the Santa Monica Chamber Newsletter.

2017 - Capital Intelligence Associates was featured in the Green Business Spotlight for Sustainable Santa Monica.  To read the full article, look at the March 1, 2017 entry to our blog.

2016 - Mitchell was quoted in the article Money Magazine Article "Financial Advisors Are Telling Investors to Chill"

2016 - Financial Advisor IQ ran a piece on the future of planning/investment firms quoting Mitchell.

2016 - Financial Planning Magazine ran a piece about multigenerational financial planning teams.  Look for us about half way through: Don't Call Me Mom: When Advisors Join a Parent's Firm

2015 - We are featured in the Financial Times article "Want a Money-Smart Kid? These Games Teach the Basics"

2015 - With the Paris Climate Talks and Bill Gates commitment to invest in clean energy Mitchell was heavily quoted in the Investment News

2015 - Mitchell had several quotes in article "Rich investors value protecting wealth over high returns"

2015 - CNBC story on borrowing between family members featuring Donald Trump and Mitchell's quote

2015 - Article regarding Inheritance Planning on (Investors Business Daily) Featuring Capital Intelligence

2015 - Mitchell Quoted on regarding Charitable Giving and Scams

2015 - Mitchell Quoted in Bloomberg Article About Having Kids Late In Life

2015 - CIA Wins Grand Prize in Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards

2015 - Mitchell featured in an article on CNBC on Boomer's Inheritances

2015 - CIA Named a finalist in the Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards

2014 - Article by Mitchell in The Wealth Channel Magazine

2014 - Art and Mitchell named Los Angeles 5 Star Wealth Managers*

2013 - Art featured in the Santa Monica Mirror

2013 - Capital Intelligence Associates recognized as a Santa Monica Green Business

2013 - Article in RAND newsletter about Art 

2013 - Article by Mitchell in the LA Chapter of the US Green Building Council Newsletter 



* Award based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality services to clients such as credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Five Star Wealth Managers.