CIA In The News 

2107 - Mitchell was asked to write a piece for Financial IQ on Risk Aversion.  He uses his psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania in "Learn to Play Psychologist Around Loss Aversion"

2017 - Look for us in the CNBC article "Deciding what to do with an inherited house"

2017 - CIA was honored by the mayor of Santa Monica for their Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program 10th Anniversary Celebration.

2017 - This year we were one of four local businesses featured in the Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards Introduction Video.  If you have a few extra minutes, we also got the original Directors Cut that was produced before being edited for time.

2017 - The article "Parents of the bride are still getting stuck with the majority of wedding costs" has many quotes from Mitchell regarding saving for a wedding.

2017 - CNBC had Mitchell featured in their article "Up on Trump or in the dumps, don't invest emotionally."

2017 -'s "America’s trillion-dollar wealth transfer: How to prevent a generation of entitlement" mentioned Capital Intelligence a couple of times. 

2017 - Mitchell was quoted in an article about the ESG/SRI Parnassus Fund in Bloomberg: "Stock-Picking Champ Is a Do-Gooder Who Doesn't Overdo Idealism"

2017 - Capital Intelligence Associates was the member highlight for the March 9th edition of the Santa Monica Chamber Newsletter.

2017 - Capital Intelligence Associates was featured in the Green Business Spotlight for Sustainable Santa Monica.  To read the full article, look at the March 1, 2017 entry to our blog.

2016 - Mitchell was quoted in the article Money Magazine Article "Financial Advisors Are Telling Investors to Chill"

2016 - Financial Advisor IQ ran a piece on the future of planning/investment firms quoting Mitchell.

2016 - Financial Planning Magazine ran a piece about multigenerational financial planning teams.  Look for us about half way through: Don't Call Me Mom: When Advisors Join a Parent's Firm

2015 - We are featured in the Financial Times article "Want a Money-Smart Kid? These Games Teach the Basics"

2015 - With the Paris Climate Talks and Bill Gates commitment to invest in clean energy Mitchell was heavily quoted in the Investment News

2015 - Mitchell had several quotes in article "Rich investors value protecting wealth over high returns"

2015 - CNBC story on borrowing between family members featuring Donald Trump and Mitchell's quote

2015 - Article regarding Inheritance Planning on (Investors Business Daily) Featuring Capital Intelligence

2015 - Mitchell Quoted on regarding Charitable Giving and Scams

2015 - Mitchell Quoted in Bloomberg Article About Having Kids Late In Life

2015 - CIA Wins Grand Prize in Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards

2015 - Mitchell featured in an article on CNBC on Boomer's Inheritances

2015 - CIA Named a finalist in the Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards

2014 - Article by Mitchell in The Wealth Channel Magazine

2014 - Art and Mitchell named Los Angeles 5 Star Wealth Managers*

2013 - Art featured in the Santa Monica Mirror

2013 - Capital Intelligence Associates recognized as a Santa Monica Green Business

2013 - Article in RAND newsletter about Art 

2013 - Article by Mitchell in the LA Chapter of the US Green Building Council Newsletter 



* Award based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality services to clients such as credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of 2014 Five Star Wealth Managers.